Jaquan Brisker Opens Up About Trade Rumors Surrounding Bears

Bears Trade Rumors

Chicago Bears safety Jaquan Brisker has the backs of his teammates “1000%”.

With the Bears sitting at 1-5 ahead of their Week 7 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, trade rumors are swirling around players like Brisker’s fellow safety, veteran Eddie Jackson, and cornerback Jaylon Johnson. The deadline is on October 31,  and Johnson has already admitted he could be traded.

Brisker shared a post on X with Johnson’s comments on the matter. When asked about that, he said that he wasn’t speaking on any individual in on the Bears as much as in general.

“It’s kind of a tough business because you really don’t know when your name is gonna be called or what’s going on,” Brisker said after practice on Thursday. “And then when your name is swirling around the internet and things like that, it is kind of difficult for them. Which is kind of sad that you don’t get clarity.”

Bears’ Jaquan Brisker: ‘Sad’ Players Don’t Get Clarity on Trade Rumors

Brisker is just in his second season.

He is still new to the NFL. But he has already seen multiple teammates traded away. Chicago traded away the franchise’s single-season sack leader, Robert Quinn, mere months after he set the record. They traded former top-10 pick Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens at last year’s deadline, and are said to be gauging trade interest in players like Johnson around the league.

Johnson has been one of the Bears’ best players since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2020. But Johnson has also dealt with injuries going back to his college days and even missed two games this season.

He has also not had the takeaways some of his more highly-regarded peers have, making his future in Chicago nebulous as he plays on the final year of his contract.

That is not to say Johnson isn’t a standout performer, however.

Jets’ Aaron Rodgers: Bears’ Jaylon Johnson a ‘Premier Player’

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers called Johnson a “premier player” in this league, lofty praise from their biggest nemesis. He also ranks 10th in completion percentage allowed among all defensive backs who have logged at least 40 starts and faced at least 218 targets since his rookie season, per Stathead.

“Especially a great player – well, great players all around the league not just here. It’s super sad how they do people like that,” Brisker said. “It shouldn’t even be a mention. We should be taking care of players like that.

“It should be about loyalty, especially if they’re making plays for your team,” Brisker said. “It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Bears’ Jaquan Brisker Has Teammates’ Back ‘1000%’

Despite loving the message, Brisker says he tries to keep teammates’ minds elsewhere and not on trade rumors.

“When it comes to that stuff, and if the players are involved in it or anything like that, you really just don’t bring it up,” Brisker said. “Try to their focus on being here and being happy, and things like that – try to win games.”

With the noise growing louder, Brisker leans into that mindset himself.

“Really just be where my feet is,” Brisker said. “Be happy for the teammates that I got here. Enjoy the time that I have with them, not really focused on who’s gonna get traded in or out. But really just the message that Jaylon had said … that if you can do this and do that, then I could be next. … I love the message he was saying. I got my teammates’ back 1000%.”