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Triple Zeros – ‘Who…the Jets?’

Triple Zeros

‘Who…the Jets?’

In this episode of Triple Zeros, Udonis Haslem let Jimmy Butler know exactly how what would happen if they had to come to blows during a recent Miami Heat loss. Any talk of the Memphis Grizzlies being better without Ja Morant because they have a great record (17-2) without him is missing the big picture. They’re also just flat-out wrong. Patrick Beverley has had more of a positive impact on Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves than a former teammate who is still bumping heads with people. Kyrie Irving stood firm and has outlasted what devolved into a war of words with politicians. The rest of the East (and maybe the NBA) should be on notice. It isn’t a surprise that the Los Angeles Lakers are guaranteed their first losing season in three years. It is disappointing, though.

On the NFL side, Tyreek Hill goes from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins. He also made it very clear he wasn’t considering the New York Jets despite rumors. On top of that, there is some buzz that Tom Brady could try to force his way down to South Beach. This after his 40-day retirement brought him back to Tampa. Could a riff with head coach Bruce Arians be the reason? The Cleveland Browns introduced Deshaun Watson. It went just as you would expect with the focus now back on the league and any possible suspension. There may be some interest with soon-to-be former Browns QB Baker Mayfield. Still, teams are smart not to pony up draft capital just yet. That includes the Carolina Panthers who have also been linked to Arizona Cardinals passer Kyler Murray.

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