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Triple Zeros – ‘This is Still Going 7 Games’

Triple Zeros

This is Still Going 7 Games

This episode of Triple Zeros kicks off by updating the latest buzz around the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks. The Rudy Gobert rumors took a big blow with a report of the core expected to be back including Nikola Vucevic. But we did get an interesting nugget about their free agency plans. The Hawks have been linked to Utah Jazz center as well as Detroit Pistons forward, Jerami Grant. Will they move John Collins? Will Bogdan Bogdanovic‘s knee hold up after another surgery? Zooming out, Stephen Curry put on a Herculean performance in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. But he needs his co-stars to start co-starring going forward. Where will the next Boston Celtics or Golden State Warriors come from? Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns are negotiating in public. And if Phil Knight’s money is not good enough, who’s is?

On the NFL side, Chicago Bears quarterback, Justin Fields, has both impressed and struggled in camp. While that is expected, the team should do this one thing to help him out this season. Former Bears and new Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman, Akiem Hicks, took a shot at the quarterback history in Chicago. Man, was he spot on. Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp just secured the bag this offseason. Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is facing yet another allegation. That makes 24 now. Lamar Jackson‘s contract situation has devolved into a one-sided PR battle. Wal-Mart’s money is better than Nike’s apparently.

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