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Triple Zeros: Pat Benson Jr. – Talking Atlanta Hawks

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Pat Benson Jr – Talking Atlanta Hawks

Triple Zeros is happy to welcome Pat Benson Jr. of Sports Illustrated’s to the show. We get into everything from his journey to journalism, his love for sneakers leading to his authoring a book about a basketball icon, and how personal tragedy played a part. All of that before we even got to the Hawks who appear set for an active offseason. Hear what Pat thinks of the season that was, some of the trade rumors buzzing around the Hawks, and what to make of recent injury revelations.

Pat then puts on his NBA general manager’s cap for the Hawks and gives his take on what a successful offseason might look like.  His attention then shifts towards the Los Angeles Lakers; his favorite team. He tells us just how far he is willing to go to get L.A. back on track after a tumultuous season. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, pack your bags. Be sure to follow Pat on Twitter (@Pat_Benson_Jr) and read all of his great work at Also, be sure to grab your copy of his book, “Kobe Bryant‘s Sneaker History (1996-202)” on Amazon.

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