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Triple Zeros – My Spida-Sense is Tingling

Triple Zeros

My Spida-Sense is Tingling

This episode of Triple Zeros wonders if the Donovan MitchellRudy Gobert era has run its course for the sixth-seeded Utah Jazz. Then, could Gobert make sense for a Chicago Bulls team that is sliding and has clear weaknesses? Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks have won five straight to take over the eight-seed. No team wants to face them in the NBA Playoffs. Kevin Durant is right about the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. They both have to retire his number, you cannot tell the story of either organization without mentioning him. Both Los Angeles teams have dealt with injuries. However, the Lakers are sliding while the Clippers have done better than expected. And Zion Williamson‘s workout videos come off as more of a demo reel than a notice to the New Orleans Pelicans front office.

Switching over to the NFL, the new overtime rules aren’t bad. It is good that they are keeping it to the postseason (for now), though. Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay lit into Carson Wentz. That is nothing compared to what is being alleged about Washington Commanders owner, Daniel Snyder regarding ticket sales. Bruce Arians may or may not have been made to step away from the sidelines. Still, he leaves an indelible mark that the league is still trying to emulate through rules changes. The Los Angeles Rams have signed Bobby Wagner to a big deal. This begs the question, once again, is the salary cap real? Finally, Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin proved once again why he is a certain host’s favorite NFL head coach.

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