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The impact of Sebastian Vettel retiring from Formula 1

Formula 1 will be without Sebastian Vettel for the first time since the 2006 season. He has decided to retire from the sport, effective from the end of the season. This is going to be the first seat open for next season, but with the silly season around the corner, it is certainly not going to be the last one. However, the conjecture over who is going to fill this seat has already started.

Vettel has given a lot to this sport. He entered Formula 1 way back in 2006 when he joined BMW Sauber as a test driver. Vettel also debuted with this team. He scored his first points in 2007 when he raced in place of Robert Kubica who crashed out of the Canadian Grand Prix the weekend before. His eighth-place finish ensured that Vettel was the youngest ever driver to score points in Formula 1.

Vettel then joined the Red Bull stable in 2007 with Toro Rosso. During his two years with the team, Vettel became the youngest ever Formula 1 driver to sit on pole position. He also became the youngest ever race winner at the Italian Grand Prix on a very wet day.

Sebastian Vettel was pretty good at this Formula 1 caper.

Vettel joined the Red Bull team in 2009 where he finished second in the World Championship. Then he won his first Championship in his second season with the franchise. This was the first of four consecutive World Titles that he won. His last season with Red Bull was a relative failure where he finished fifth. He then spent six seasons with Ferrari and then two seasons with Aston Martin.

Now that he has decided to retire, Vettel is going to be able to finish this season out without the pressure of getting a seat for next season. However, the problem here is that any driver who is out of contract for next season will probably be linked to Aston Martin. It also means that Daniel Ricciardo, despite doubling down on his future with McLaren will be faced with more speculation about his future.

It also will start the rumor mill circulating about the younger drivers who are currently test drivers for various teams. There is even the chance that Alex Albon could go for the seat. One thing that is for sure, there will be no shortage of rumors. Aston Martin is a team who are trying to become relevant again. Without a team leader with the experience of Vettel, they may be in danger of slipping even further to the back of the field.

The biggest Formula 1 stories should come from on the track, not behaviour off it

Formula 1 is a spectacle which millions of people around the world watch. It is the definition of class and style. The cars have sleek lines and there are sponsors of the ilk of Rolex as well as Moet and Chandon. The rich and famous turn out in droves and are often guests of teams thoughout the weekend.

However, there are some occasions where the image of Formula 1 becomes tarnished and this happened in the hills of Austria. Things were so bad that the British broadcasters talked about the behaviour of some of the patrons, citing racism and other unruly behaviour.

Unfortunately for F1, and reportedly some of the male Dutch fans, the behaviour was so much worse than that. A female Dutch reporter went to the event as a patron. According to her article that she felt compelled to write, she felt devastated by the actions of her fellow countrymen. For the full detail of what she, and other female atendees, please find the link here.

Formula 1 drivers respond to the poor crowd conduct.

Current world champion, Dutchman Max Verstappen responded in the Dutch media. According to my Dutch source, she does not believe that it went far enough. The fact that he says that if you drink too much you should go to bed really does not cut it,

The response of Sebastian Vettel is so much more to the point and how a public figure should respond to this sort of behaviour.

The former world champion is of the opinion that the fans should be banned for life from all racing. This would certainly send a message. The message? Their putrid conduct should is not welcome, anywhere. Even better, that they should never act that way again in public

In a weekend where the discussion should have been dominated by track limits violations. Instead we are talking about the behaviour of an element of the crowd who spoiled the experience for others.In fact, their behaviour was so poor that there will be an element of the public who will never go back due to feeling unsafe.

This is not acceptible in any way and event organsers need to ensure that this never happens again. Everybody who attends a major worldwide event needs to be able to do so unmolested. They should be able to go about their daily life unmolested as well. However, that is a whole larger discussion to have. We need to be better than this, alcool is not an excuse.