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Chicago Bulls HC Urged to Make Major Decision on Former Lottery Pick

Insider Suggests Bulls HC Billy Donovan Bench Patrick Williams

It has only been three games but the on-floor product and the record have some imploring the Chicago Bulls to make a significant change to their starting lineup. The rub is, it’s one they have already experimented with.

In fact, the Bulls trotted out variations of this suggestion in two of their four preseason tilts.

“Start Javonte Green on Monday against the Boston Celtics,” says K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago.

Patrick Williams was a major storyline for the Bulls as they bypassed shaking up their roster despite their competition in the Eastern Conference doing so. With such little room for error – they are without starting point guard Lonzo Ball and are managing Zach LaVine to begin the season – time is of the essence.

Williams Failing to Impress

“This is less about rewarding Green for helping briefly flip the energy of an otherwise desultory, blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Saturday’s home opener,” writes Johnson. “It’s also not about some punitive demotion for Williams. It may not even have to be a permanent play.”

The Bulls fell 128-96 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first game at the United Center and for LaVine this season.

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Triple Zeros: Ryan Taylor of NBC Sports Chicago

Triple Zeros

Ryan Taylor of NBC Sports Chicago

Happy to welcome Ryan Taylor (@rytay_), Digital Content Producer for NBC Sports Chicago, to Triple Zeros! Ryan joins us to discuss the Chicago Bulls on the heels of a very revealing and eventful Media Day and the first day of training camp. We talk about the impact of Lonzo Ball’s surgery and absence as well as the effect the entire situation appears to be having on him. Ryan later shares who he expects to start in Ball’s absence – and who he would start – after Billy Donovan hinted at a training camp battle

Then, we shift towards how the offense is expected to look after Patrick Williams alluded to major changes this season. Could we see him unlock a new level of playmaking alongside the Bulls’ Big 3? Ryan also gives his assessment of the Arturas Karnisovas-led front office and their approach leading up to and including this offseason. Will their decision to “run it back” pay off? All of that and much more on this episode of Triple Zeros!

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Heavy on Bulls/Last Word on Pro Football/Soaring Down South

Triple Zeros: Jack Simone – Talking Boston Celtics

Triple Zeros

Jack Simone – Talking Boston Celtics (Plus Charlotte Hornets & Chicago Bulls)

It was a pleasure to welcome NBA writer, Jack Simone to Triple Zeros! We covered his unique journey into the world of sports journalism and just how he finds time to cover all of the beats that he does. He gave his take on the Boston Celtics’ loss in the NBA Finals, what happened to star forward Jayson Tatum, and on the job Boston’s Ime Udoka did as a rookie head coach. How did the Golden State Warriors’ experience impact the Celtics and, ultimately the series? Also, Jack sends a strong message on Marcus Smart‘s ideal role on the team going forward.

Then, we get into the Hornets hiring Kenny Atkinson to be their head coach only to have him back out days later. How big of a surprise was it and in what direction will they go now? Also, what draft prospects make the most sense for the Hornets in Thursday’s draft? Could they make a move for a young upside player to fill a big need?

Lastly, what does Jack make of all the rumors surrounding the Bulls? Hear what he thinks of that and what Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert would have if the Bulls traded for him this summer. Plus, what should they do with youngsters Patrick Williams and Coby White?

Follow Jack on Twitter (@JackSimoneNBA) and read his work for Heavy, Celtics Blog, At the Hive, and Enjoy Basketball. Also, check him out on the “From the Rafters” podcast.

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Soaring Down South

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Triple Zeros: Rick Camp Part 2

Triple Zeros: Rick Camp Returns to Talk Some Bulls

Rick Camp, host of the Chicago Bulls radio postgame show, was gracious enough to join me once again on Triple Zeros. We got into Zach LaVine‘s surprising development, projected Coby White‘s ceiling, and so much more. Follow Rick on Twitter (@RickCCamp) and be sure to listen to him after every Bulls game on 670 The Score. Also check out the ‘I’m Fat’ and ‘Basketball Camp’ podcasts, available everywhere!


Shaking Off The Rust: NBA Finals Preview & NFL Offseason Catch-Up Triple Zeros Sports Podcast

Josh shakes the rust off with a mea culpa for Nikola Jokic and the Western Conference champion Denver Nuggets as they get set to face Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. That leads to deep thought about the current state of the Chicago Bulls after a quick look-ahead for the Boston Celtics' budding duo and Los Angeles Lakers' aging stars. Then, a quick trip around the NBA with hits on the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and coaching carousel (pre-Monty Williams to the Detroit Pistons. Things switch gears to the NFL as OTAs kick off around the league as we check in on the Chicago Bears who have made no secret about their plans for the roster ahead of a season full of expectations. A surface-level attempt at picking a surprise team for the NFC (other than the Bears) reveals disdain for one division in particular. All that and more! Follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@JoshGBuck, @3ZerosPod, @ClockerSports), and check out ClockerSports.com today! Heavy on Bulls/Heavy on Nets/Soaring Dwn South — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/triplezeros/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/triplezeros/support
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New Faces Becoming Familiar in NBA Rookie of the Year Race

A few of the new faces around the NBA are making names for themselves and cases to be the Rookie of the Year. There are at least two names many expected to be there. But there’s also a pair of surprise contenders for the award. Who takes the award home will depend on who among them can keep up their pace.

Getting Familiar with the NBA’s New Faces in the Rookie of the Year Race

1. LaMelo Ball

The youngest Ball brother (and January Rookie of the Month in the Eastern Conference) has quickly made a name for himself in the NBA. LaMelo Ball is the current front-runner for Rookie of the Year and he’s only started six games for the Charlotte Hornets. Don’t get it twisted, though. He’s been playing at or near starter’s minutes since the end of December. Ball is averaging 14.3/5.8/6.1 and slashing .438/.359/.791 across 26 games.

As a starter, however, Ball is putting up 21.7 points per game, 5.3 boards, and 6.3 assists per contest. His efficiency went up too, to 45.2% from the floor, 48.8% from deep, and 88.9% from the charity stripe. Among rookies, LaMelo leads all rookies in assists per game, steals per game, is first with six games of at least 20 points, and is second in rebounds. Oh! Charlotte is currently seventh in the East, too.

The one knock on Ball is his defense. As this chart illustrates, he is one of the worst defenders among first-year players. He’s offset that with his offensive production. But on nights when his shot isn’t falling he will have to get into a few more passing lanes than usual. Even with that, he will be tough to overtake.

2. Tyrese Haliburton

This is a topic that’s near and dear as someone who stumped for his favorite team to target Tyrese Haliburton in the draft. The former Iowa State Cyclone was the Rookie of the Month in the West for January.  Haliburton is putting up a smooth 12.0 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 5.3 assists in 29.4 minutes per contest.

He’s only drawn a single start but he’s fifth on the team in minutes per; higher than 2017 first-rounder Marvin Bagley. The graphic used for Ball also illustrates how much of a steadying presence Haliburton has been for the wayward Sacramento Kings. Digging into the numbers, Haliburton improves his team’s offensive rating by nearly a point when he’s on the floor. When he’s off the court, the Kings defensive rating worsens by 2.5 points.

Sacramento sits at ninth, square in the mix for the playoff play-in game that was introduced during the bubble. Haliburton is second in minutes per, assists, and steals and is shooting nearly 50% from the floor. On a bad team with several high-profile names, Haliburton is making a name for himself.

3. James Wiseman

The second-overall pick in this past NBA Draft, James Wiseman is currently recuperating from a sprained wrist. But the 7-footer was sent to the bench even before that as head coach Steve Kerr opted for Kevon Looney in the starting lineup. That led to better defense for the Warriors but Kerr believes it will only help Wiseman in the long run.

Maybe Kerr’s on to something (who would’ve guessed, right?) because Wiseman averaged 11.8 points and 6.1 rebounds as a starter. The Warriors were 8-8 over that stretch. Coming off the bench with the reserves, the (ever so briefly) former Memphis Tiger is putting up 13.5 points and 6.3 boards per game.

Wiseman’s block numbers have taken a hit; falling from 1.4 to 1.0 per game but some of that may be due to the adjustment. The bigger “issue” is getting him back on the floor. Wiseman leads all rookies in rebounds, blocks, and is third in scoring. None of that matters, though, if he is unable to take the court.

4. Immanuel Quickley

An out-of-nowhere candidate for Rookie of the Year honors, Immanuel Quickley has turned himself into a weapon off the bench in short order. Averaging 11.8 points per game for the surprising New York Knicks is an honorable feat for a rookie as it is. Cracking a Tom Thibodeau lineup as a greenhorn is an accomplishment unto itself.

Quickley is fifth among rookies in scoring, but again, he’s playing behind a resurgent Elfrid Payton. He’s slashing 40.2% from the floor, 35.8% from outside, and 93.4 at the free-throw line. He hasn’t been overly efficient, he hasn’t been a detriment either. He even boosted his numbers in January to 12.8 points on 41.2% shooting and 37.0% from beyond the arc.

The rookie is one-dimensional at this point. When his shot isn’t falling he isn’t offering much beyond a threat. So far in February (five games) Quickley seems to be coming back to Earth. He’s averaging just 9.8 points shooting 36.6% from the floor and 33.3% from three. Add in the addition of Derrick Rose and you just hope Quickley’s best in his rookie season isn’t behind him.

5. Patrick Williams  and Desmond Bane

Yup, we’re cheating on this one. The bottom of the Rookie of the Year race is rather crowded but the two players that make the list are certainly making an impact. Patrick Williams leads all rookies in games started with 23.

He’s averaging a modest 10.3 points and 4.4 boards with an equally modest slash line of .466/.396/.800 in just over 27 minutes per game (third among rookies). But it’s his willingness on defense that’s separated him from the pack as he’s drawn the opposing team’s best player and held up respectably night after night.

Looking at what Desmond Bane is doing so far in his rookie campaign it feels like he should be much higher on this list. His numbers are solid for any rookie, let alone one drafted 30th overall in this past NBA Draft. He’s dropping 10.3 points per game in just under 23 minutes per contest for the 10-10 Memphis Grizzlies.

It’s his efficiency that stands out the most. He’s shooting 48.4% from the floor, 48.2% from three, and 82.4% from the line. More encouraging is that in his two starts, he’s averaging 15.5 points and 2.5 assists.

Catching Up in the Rookie of the Year Race

You might notice Anthony Edwards and Cole Anthony didn’t make the list. Both are in the top-six in rookie scoring; Edwards second and Anthony sixth. Neither has been efficient in the early going.

The first-overall pick by the Timberwolves, Edwards is averaging 13.9 points but is shooting just 37.9% from the floor and 32.4% from deep. Second-generation player Anthony is up to 11.0 points per but is shooting 37.5% and 32.5% from the floor and three, respectively.

2020-21 NBA Profile: Patrick Williams

Hello basketball fans, are you ready for Patrick Williams? The NBA season is due to tip off in less than 20 days. Just a few short days ago the NBA draft was completed and the top of the draft went as projected but then at number four things start to get haywire as no one is really sure what the Bulls are going to do (for once). I also plan on dropping a video breaking down this young man as well so let’s stop wasting time and jump into it.

Patrick Williams 2020-21 NBA Profile

The Bulls Get Their Man

Patrick Williams was the Chicago Bulls guy with the fourth-overall pick in the draft. This year’s pick is the highest pick the Bulls have had since they drafted a young man by the name of Derrick Rose all the way back in 2008. This year is also the first time the Bulls were drafting without either Jerry Krause or John Paxson making the big decision. Question for the reader? Do you know who the last player the Bulls drafted with their top pick before Kraus took over in the mid-80s?

Now let’s talk about Williams. There were definitely some other big named prospects on the board that may have helped your heart rest at ease. The Bulls could have nabbed big man Obi Toppin, Deni Avdija. If you are fond listener of the Around the Clockers podcast you will frequently hear this writer adamently push for Avdija. That tune has changed to all in on this young man. Now before you fall in love, let’s set reasonable expectations. Because the only way you become dissappointed is by setting ridiculous expectations.

What Not to Expect

When people see the number Four pick they tend to add a bunch of unnecessary expectations around them like they need to be the team’s superstar or need to immediately impact the team. Well, I do not expect Patrick Williams to impact this team at least on the offensive end. He is a 19-year-old that is still learning about his body and how it works. He truly has not scratched the surface of his physical gifts yet. I expect Williams to make an impact defensively because no one on this Bulls team plays a lick of defense.

Williams can immediately step in and start guarding the best wings and forwards this league has to offer. Not many people come into the league at 6-foot-8 and 225 lbs. That is an NBA-ready body. Williams has all of the physical tools to become an immediate impact defender on this team. When I watched his college tape, he reminded me of those Bulls teams from earlier this decade. You know, when we actually hustled and played defense? You miss those days? Because I do.

Williams also comes in with the potential to develop his offensive game as well. Even though he was the 6th man on his college team he shot 32 percent from the three-point range and averaged 1 Block and 1 Steal a game. Now I know the three-point percentage is not where we want it to be but if you take a look at his free throw percentage that is a much more telling sign of learning to be able to shoot. Remember both Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz shot over 40 percent from deep in college but both of them shot in the mid 60 percentile from the free throw.

Williams is a passive style of player. He wants to help you win at all costs, which was his case at Florida State. Williams was passive towards his senior-led teammates at Florida State even his draft counterpart Devin Vassell a sophomore who went to San Antonio. Now remember those expectations I set, I understand there are some alarming red flags, but most prospects not named LeBron James have some form of a flaw, but let’s dive right into all of the positives about this young player.

The Positives:

Like I stated before, he is 6-foot-8 and 225 lbs. That is something you do not teach. You also cannot teach his very good team defensive instincts and on-ball defensive ability. He can switch and guard pretty much any position with his explosive athleticism. What I also forgot to mention was that he has a 7-foot wingspan allowing him to blow up passing lanes and quick reflex blocks with ease, which the Bulls so desperately need. Another thing I really enjoy about him is that he is ready to work. Do you remember the humble kid from Chicago that went number One overall and stole the hearts of many Bulls fans? Well, Williams carries himself with that exact same demeanor. He is humble, quiet and all he wants to do is play basketball and get better every day.

The thing with Williams is before you sell all of your stock on him because you never heard of him. Let him grow. I think his floor is just below a Luol Deng type of player and his ceiling is that of a Kawhi Leonard. By the way, Leonard is the greatest development story this league has ever seen. Frustration over picking a guy you have never heard of is understandable. But the rumor was the Spurs wanted to draft him. Do we remember what happened last time they got their hands on a dynamic two-way forward? Alright then.

What Not To Like

The unknown can always be construed as a negative thought because it could be good or bad, but let’s look elsewhere. Most of the general public are not enjoying this pick because of the numbers. He barely averaged Nine points per game coming off of the bench. He was fourth on the team in points and is one of the only few players that average more turnovers than assist during the season.

Another negative thing that people take into account is his aggression as a player. I have heard the term he is “too nice” on the court. Now that would be a problem if he was the future of this team. And future means the leading scorer and the reason the Bulls win a title. If that is a concern of yours then your expectations are too high. This was the first pick by the new regime and it will set the tone for the decade to come.

Williams Outlook Going Forward

This is a good pick. The Bulls are desperate for a wing defender; something Williams can make his name in right away. We will have to wait and see about his offense. This all comes down to expectations. When the Bulls are competing for titles, Williams will be a very good role player for us. Like a Trevor Ariza on the ’09 Lakers or Harrison Barnes on those Warriors teams. He will be an excellent role player for us and if he can develop even more than that, it’s just icing on the cake.