Site Toolkit & Style Guide

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  • Download Grammarly. It’s free and cuts a lot of time out of writing/editing.
  • Get‘s player linker tools. (Tutorial:
  • Article Lengths: SHORT (News, 500 words), MID (Recaps/Previews, 1000 words), LONG (Editorials, 2000 words).
  • Paragraphs should be 3-6 lines. Too much in one paragraph can be a strain on the reader.
  • Images: Featured images will be put in by the editor. If you wish to put images in an article, use a tweet instead of a photo. First, it avoids any copyright violations. Second, it provides some interactivity for the reader.
  • Avoid using first-person (I, Me, etc.) as much as possible unless the story happened to you. Readers assume all opinions expressed within an article are yours.
  • Headers: Articles should be divided using headers. By default, your dashboard workspace is set to ‘paragraph’. Simply click on it to select the appropriate option. After your intro paragraph(s), use Header 2 (H2) to restate the title in a slightly different way. Divide each subsequent set of thoughts/paragraphs with Header 3 (H3) and so on and so forth.
  • Tags: ALL articles MUST have their corresponding LEAGUE AND SPORT selected as tags in addition to any other relevant tags. (ex.: ALL NFL articles need to have ‘NFL’ and ‘Football’ as tags. Likewise, all NBA articles need to have ‘NBA’ and ‘Basketball’ etc.). Use up to 18 tags.
  • Player Linking: Only the first mention of a player or coach’s name needs to be linked. If no players or coaches are named in the article, then link to the appropriate page for any teams mentioned.
  • Categories: Select the LEAGUE AND TYPE of article (News, Recap/Preview, Editorial)
  • Language: Refrain from cursing in any written pieces (hell/damn are acceptable). Programming will allow some colorful language, but be tasteful and respectful. ABSOLUTELY NO SLURS.
  • WARNING: We WILL NOT tolerate ANY forms of plagiarism. In addition to any legal ramifications, getting caught even once will result in a suspension of site access. Any further infractions will result in loss of site access.
  • Follow AP Style rules for numbers. Write out one through nine (1-9). Any digits greater than nine (10+) use the digits.
  • Content Submission: All written content needs to be submitted via the dashboard ( Video and audio content needs to be submitted via your individual Google Drive folder. Additionally, when submitting A/V content, create a post on the dashboard (just like with an article) with the desired description. When your post is ready, remember to submit for review. If it’s in ‘Draft’ it will be ignored.


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