Bulls Sink Further in Lost Season

We can't forget MJ on the wall of our bedroom (we were eleven in 1992), french paper Le Monde's director said one day (was it in 2001?)
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MEXICO CITY – Let the good times roll. It can be difficult to detect sarcasm in writing, but hopefully it was clear in this case. It wound take extraordinary circumstances for even casual basketball fans to not see what is going on with the Chicago Bulls. Yet somehow, the front office and head coach continue to say things like “change is difficult”. Or that they “did have some distraction“. There is no way they are watching the same things as everyone else.

As if the 97-91 loss to Orlando was not enough, a report came out that not only would prized free-agent Jabari Parker – he of the 2-year $40M contract – not see regular minutes going forward, he might not even remain with the team through the season. Since that is not enough, the Brooklyn Nets and Spencer Dinwiddie agreed to a 3-year $34M extension. How does this impact the Bulls, you ask? Dinwiddie was cut by Chicago, for someone named R.J. Hunter. All of this and there is still the matter of the media firestorm over the developments this season. A season that, although clearly not set up for a playoff run, has been embarrassing nonetheless.

So what next? Well since we can likely rule out a change in management, the best hope is that the Bulls young guys continue to develop – perhaps in spite of the organization – while the Bulls continue to lose games. Then the could use what will assuredly be a top-4 pick to draft their superstar wing; that being the clearest position of need. The hot name is Zion Williamson, the 6’7” 285 pound forward from Duke. Interestingly enough Williamson’s own teammates, R.J. Barrett and Cam Reddish have also been linked to the Bulls. You will probably get a different answer on who the pick should be depending on who you ask.

The true question remains, will it matter? Can this front office – that actually has drafted well – attract the seemingly elusive superstar free agent? The recent failures with Parker and Dwyane Wade last year will not do much to help. There were already stories of players avoiding the Bulls, can GarPax change that if they are the ones causing it? Is Jim Boylen really the coach that is going to get this team on track and back to the playoffs? There are more questions and fewer answers every single day with this team.

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